As a core part of our mission we teach diversity and its value in innovation and creativity.  We seek to ensure a blend of student participants across genders, cultures and SOCIOECONOMIC backgrounds.  Allowing Students to Fundraise THEIR Entry to the program ensures that every student is provided an opportunity to participate and learn together, regardless of Economic circumstances.

Fundraising to attend FREQUENTLY asked questions

Why is there a registration fee?

The registration fee of $50 secures your spot in the program. This amount gets credited to your fundraising account as a personal donation, which essentially jump starts your efforts. The amount will display on your website so friends and family see that you have already made an investment toward your goal.

What is provided for lunch?

During registration you can pre-order lunch for your child by selecting the lunch option.  The cost is $60 per week for lunch. If you do not choose to pre-order lunch you can pack a lunch each day. 

What is the fundraising commitment and is it required?

Fundraising goals will vary based on the program that you register for. We Connect The Dots' goal is to raise money to support delivery of programs that bring awareness to career opportunities and teach students the 21st century workforce skills.  In support of the mission, only fundraising participants are involved in our programs.

Minimum fund raising goals to participate are as follows:

CreatingSTEAM 10 Day program - $1500

CreatingIDEAS 5 Day program - $750

To support your efforts, you will receive a fundraising website, and fundraising support from student mentors and our team.

I've never fundraised for that much before - will I be able to do it?

We provide you with all the tips, tools and fundraising support to not only reach your fundraising goals, but surpass them. When registering, you will receive a fundraising page which you modify and send out to family and friends to gain support.

Your online fundraising page can be personalized and ready for you to start an email and social media campaign. Most participants raise a majority of their fundraising commitment through these efforts.

To supplement those funds, you can send fundraising emails and letters, hold local fundraisers, and leverage corporate sponsorships and matching gift programs as well.

When is the fundraising due and what happens if I am unable to raise the funds?

The fundraising commitment for CreatingSTEAM is due three weeks prior to the start of the program (June 24th). Up until May 30th, if you decide that the program is not a good fit, you can drop from the program without having the obligation to reach your fundraising commitment. The funds you have raised will still go directly to the mission and you can always join us again in the future.

Where does the fundraised money go?

Our mission is to excite, inform and educate students about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) careers.  Through a collaboration with the community, education, government and the technology industry, WCTD provides awareness and education of the 21st Century workforce skills, as well as the opportunities available to students embracing STEAM careers.  Impacting students at a local, national and global level, our programs create a hunger for learning that empowers students to find their own paths to success.

All proceeds go directly to supporting the delivery of our programs.  Funds will support the necessary equipment, staffing, and operational costs to run our immersive experiential learning programs.

To learn how you can bring this program to your community contact us at