Darby, PA joined the list of sites for the Hackathon a little later in the year than the others, but had no trouble coordinating and delivering an exciting educational experience for the students. Penn Wood Middle School was chosen for its infrastructure, facilities, and accessibility, and students were able to garner a ton of support from the volunteer and educator community gathered by Jennifer Hoff, the school board president of William Penn School District. Students from Darby created some really amazing sites, and took the mission of helping others to new heights in their efforts. Click the photo or the title in the caption to visit the website.

1st Place: Teen Tolerance: http://teentolerance.azurewebsites.net/index.html

This project focuses on providing teens with a safe outlet for discussing issues and solutions in the battle against intolerance. Some of the topics covered include bullying, racism, and homophobia. 

2nd Place: Man vs Pollution: http://manvspollution.azurewebsites.net/index.html

This project focuses on the influence of human beings on the environment. It offers suggestions to curtail pollution problems by asking people to augment their behavior and providing examples.

3rd Place: The Pollution Solution: http://solutionforpollution.azurewebsites.net/index.html

This project focuses on the many different dangerous varieties of environmental pollution and offers suggestions on how humans can work together to reduce pollutants in the environment. 

Below is a group photo of our student prize winners from Penn Wood Middle School in Darby, PA. Thanks to Microsoft for their donation of Surface 3s and XboxOnes to our students and to the William Penn School District for allowing students to use their facility during the Hackathon!