Program overview

The word “technology” often has a positive connotation. You have likely been told the benefits of embracing a career in the technology field by a parent, teacher, or others.  However, what comes to mind when you think about a career in technology? Do you think of a person typing away at a computer for hours or someone building a computer from scratch? Technology can seem unappealing if this is what you imagine and you are not interested in hardware, coding, or something else typically labelled as a “technology skill.” Through the CreatingSTEAM Mobile Application Development Program, We Connect the Dots will help to remove these preconceived notions. Application development is a rapidly expanding field that accommodates diverse interests, including art, coding, business, and much more. Each step in the application development life cycle requires a different skill set. By participating in this program you will have the opportunity to experience many of the roles in the life cycle.

When you think of phone applications, your mind probably jumps to those you use every day: games, YouTube, Facebook, etc. However, the mobile applications that you build with your teams will be focused on giving back. Each team will partner with a non-profit organization in order to help the organization create a Windows mobile application for the business.

Before teams begin developing the application, We Connect the Dots will provide essential and valuable workshops to support the learning experience. These workshops include instructions on how to build the application, using various developer, collaboration, and visual note taking tools. We will teach the participants the business side of application development which includes the various positions in application development, team collaboration, and professional communication.

With an emphasis on a combination of various technology and business skills, We Connect the Dots will aim to teach students how to successfully create a functioning prototype mobile application for a non-profit organization. Through this program, students will learn valuable 21st century workforce skills. These skills will give students an edge in their future careers in any industry they choose.

As a part of this program, each team will learn to leverage peer to peer fundraising  and giving back to We Connect the Dots in support of this and future programs. Each team will be asked to raise $1,000 as a part of their learning experience. We Connect the Dots will provide the tools as well as the training for the funding raising efforts. Teaching students the value of philanthropy, and the importance of community outreach. 

To learn more about the program timeline and workshops go HERE